Introducing Web3 Music Association

The Web3 Music Association (W3M) is a non-profit organisation created to boost innovation within the music industry through decentralised digital technology and a collaborative ecosystem.

Blockchain can protect intellectual property, optimise royalty payments, and create new capital flows. Our mission is to facilitate learning, foster collaboration, and support adopting new technologies within the music industry. We exist to ensure that the industry does not simply adapt to technology but is a true pioneer of this new digital age.

The pillars of W3M are built around two primary areas: Technology and Ecosystem. Our Technology pillar is focused on adopting open-source distributed-ledger software and protocols as a means to foster the growth of the music industry, the surrounding community and the overall ecosystem. This will eventually include intellectual property (IP) tokenisation to ensure IP protection and efficient and equitable exploitation.

The W3M Ecosystem offers a wealth of benefits, including peer networking, education opportunities, exclusive industry insights, and business development initiatives. These services and applications, facilitated by the protocol's native $RECORD token, are designed to enhance your experience and opportunities within the music industry.

The W3M operates under a robust governance structure typical of Swiss associations, and seeks to be the orchestrating force in leveraging decentralised digital technologies to reform the fragmented music industry. We challenge traditional norms and democratise access to music creation. Now we’re inviting traditional and investors to engage with this new economy while setting transparent standards to protect the artists and ensure fair competition.

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