The W3M employs a tiered membership model that enables various degrees of participation and influence within our governance framework. Facilitated by W3M Swiss-governance, this model confers voting rights, facilitates committee-based involvement, and looks to create new collaborative opportunities.

Membership Categories

Voting Rights

Other Privileges

Genesis Members


General Assembly participation, networking

Development Members


General Assembly participation and voting, Advisory Committee eligibility

Visionary Members


General Assembly participation and voting, Strategic Committee eligibility, additional privileges

Genesis Members serve as entry-level W3M ecosystem participants, contributing their expertise and networks in music or Web3 industries. While they do not have voting rights, they can engage in General Assembly discussions and attend networking events.Development Members actively shape the Association's direction. They are empowered with full voting rights in the General Assembly and are eligible for Advisory Committee roles. Membership at this level goes beyond participation—it is a partnership and a journey towards collective success, supported by financial input, software development, or other qualifying contributions.Visionary Members are an elevated tier of commitment and influence. With full voting rights and eligibility for the Strategic Committee, they drive the mission forward. Reserved for industry leaders, this tier provides additional privileges and is a declaration of commitment to lead, innovate, and shape our collective mission.Progressing through membership tiers is a recognition of an individual's active and meaningful contribution to the W3M ecosystem. To advance from the Genesis to Development Tier, members must vest $RECORD tokens and provide verifiable contributions, demonstrating sustained active participation in the Association.Membership in W3M opens up a wealth of opportunities, tailored to the diverse needs and goals of various sectors within the music industry.By catering to a wide spectrum of profiles, from startups to independent artists, academics to regulatory bodies, W3M aims to build an ecosystem that nurtures innovation, investment, and growth in the music industry.

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