Case Studies Strategy

We work with all our members on developing case studies to drive industry wide adoption. The case studies are centred around:

Real-World Asset Tokenisation

Empowering the financialisation of music IP can drive growth, support artists, and contribute to the

stability of labels and industry stakeholders.

Gaming’s Influence on Fandom

Creating the frameworks needed in gaming environments to cultivate music fandom and enhance fan

lifecycle management through personalised experiences.

The Future Metaverse Experience

Establishing a comprehensive framework for music experiences in the metaverse, from live concerts

to interactive soundscapes, enhancing the role of music in extended reality.

Community’s Influence on Music

Creating the mechanisms through which communities influence music and how these dynamics can be leveraged to foster a more participatory music ecosystem.

AI’s Impact on Music

Building the grid needed to uncover AI's potential in reshaping the music landscape, from enhancing creative processes to transforming data analytics.

Our strategy framework ensures that the music industry are key players in defining the experiences and frameworks needed for the digital landscape.

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