Genesis Member Guide


This genesis member guide (the “Guide”) provides primary information about the genesis membership of the Web3 Music Association ("Association"). For more detailed information, please refer to the Association's Articles of Association.


As a Genesis Member, you are stepping into a world of opportunities. This category serves as your entry point, offering you access to our vibrant ecosystem. You can participate in networking events, gain valuable insights from our content, and develop your own unique contribution value proposition. This is just the beginning, setting the stage for you to advance to higher tiers, where you can engage more directly and substantially with our community and its initiatives.

Genesis Members will benefit from key updates and will contribute to the Association, engaging through their unique expertise, network of relations, or voluntary involvement in the music or Web3 industries.


The Genesis Membership does not require any fees.


Genesis members are entitled to participate and actively engage in debates within the Association’s Governance, but they do not carry voting rights.

Genesis members may terminate their membership in the Association by providing notice to the Governance Committee.

Membership grants the Association the right to use your name and trademark for functional communication purposes only. This includes, but is not limited to, affixing your logo to the Association's website, displaying your logo on event posters, brochures, and related promotional materials, and using your name and logo in press announcements related to the Association’s activities and events. Any other use of your name or trademark will require your express consent.

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