Ecosystem Principles

W3M aims to revolutionise the music industry through decentralised digital technologies, fostering a dynamic community centred on connection, collaboration, and innovation.

Key to the W3M experience is how it encourages members to demonstrate their commitment to the ecosystem as they make connections and collaborations. This concept is part of a multi-layered participation structure aimed at building a community of actively contributing members. Emotional intimacy is prioritised over economic intimacy, ensuring that early members become ambassadors who represent the ecosystem’s vision and values.

Member motivations are crucial to W3M's membership experience, which is segmented into three stages: Discover, Involve, and Retain. The focus is on attracting members who are intrinsically motivated and aligned with W3M's objectives, thereby creating vibrant sub-communities contributing to the ecosystem.

Trust is foundational to W3M, built through aligning organisational intentions with member values and goals. A point-based system rewards contributions, enhancing member loyalty and virality, eventually transforming them into co-creators of the ecosystem, thereby boosting its network effects.

Three guiding principles steer W3M's actions: Connection and Collaboration, Trust and Commitment, and Emotional Intimacy over Economic Intimacy. By adhering to them, W3M aims to build an ecosystem where members can make connections, share a common purpose, and collaborate to develop blockchain solutions.

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